Past Speakers - 2011

December 2011 Programs

December 5   New Member/Longtime Member Talks
December12   Isa Stenzel-Brynes or Ana Stenzel: "Living Well with Serious Illness: Making the Most of the Gift of Life"
December19   West Bay Opera, Holiday Program
December26   Dark, No Meeting ~Actually Sparkling and Brightwith Holiday Celebrations

November 2011 Programs

November 7   New Member/Longtime Member Talks, Cathye Smithwick/John O'Keefe & Sam Webster
November 14   Dakin Sloss: "Opening California's Finances to the Public"
November 21   Nan Su: "The Renaissance of Traditional Chinese Culture and Its Global Impact"
November 28   Swaminatha MahadevanM.D : ",International Emergency Medicine"

October 2011 Programs

October 3   World Community Service Speaker, Report on specific PAR club projects



  Charles Munger: "Redistricting in California"
October 17  

Panelists: Emily Renzel and Peter Drekmeier, Moderator: Diana Diamond, Pros and Cons on Measure E

October 24   Speaker TBD, Rotary Foundation
October 31   Masood Farivar, Knight Fellow/Afghanistan, Topic TBA

September 2011 Programs

September5   Dark, Labor Day Observed
September12   Joel Brinkley, Stanford Professor, International Foreign Affairs
September19   Dan Archer, Graphical Novels, 2010-11 Knight Fellow
September26   Ted Atlas, Bay Area Spectator Sports

August 2011 Programs

August 1   Arley Marley, District 5170 Governor
August 8   Peter Dailey, Deputy Director, SF Port, San Francisco andthe America's Cup
August 15   Ron Lynn, Stanford Football
August 22   New Members & Longtime Member Talks, John Barton, Dan Dykwel, & Bert Rose
August29   James Fearon: "Democratization in the Middle East and North Africa"

July 2011 Programs

July 4   Dark, Independence Day
July 11   PAR President Sherri Sager, State of the Club 2011/2012
July 18   Thomas Rindfleisch: "The Civil Grand Jury System"
July 25   Rich Gordon, California Assembly

June 2011 Programs

June 6   Judith Kleinberg: "The Soul of the Community"
June 13   Elias Aboujaoude, MD, : "Virtual You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality"
June 20   Jeff Byron: "California Energy Plans"
June 27   Dark, Debunking Invitations TBA

May 2011 Programs

May 2   Knight Duff-Brown: "Women's Empowerment"
May9   Esther Wojcicki: "Solving the Education Crisis in CA: Prospectives from One Classroom"
May16   Axel Merk: "Challenges for the Dollar and the Economy"
May 23   New Member Talks, Jim Baer, Susan Lutter, and Elliott Wright
May 30   Dark, Memorial Day Observed

April 2011 Programs

April 4   New Members & Longtime Member Talks, Derrick Britt, Ben Threlkeld, & Bill Love
April 11   Geri Spieler: "The Squeaky Fromme Story"
April 18   Bill Draper: "Generational Venture Capital"
April 25   Sid Espinosa: "Conversations with the Mayor -A discussion led by Judy Kleinberg"

March 2011 Programs

March7   Jay Thorwaldson (PA Weekly): "Top Ten Stories of My Career"
March 14   Cash Alaee: "Reflections on Iran"
March 21   Chris Longhurst: "Data-Driven approaches to improve health & healthcare"
March 28   Ken DeLeon: "Overcoming Adversity"

February 2011 Programs

February 7   Shelly Fisher Fishkin: "The Mark Twain Autobiography"
February 14   Larry Gerston: "California Challenge, 2011: Now What?"
February 21   Hans Steiner: "ADD: Driven to Distraction"
February 28   Leeor Neta: "A Second Chance for East Palo Alto Youth"

January 2011 Programs

January 3   New Members / Old Member Talk, Chaiti Chatterjee, Kay Wilson / Bill Love
January 10   Bob Bowlsby, Athletic Director: "Stanford Athletics"
January 17   Dark, Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Observed
January 24   Angelo Izama, Knight Fellow
January 31   Stefan Kratz, Sloan Program: "Solar Technology in China"